Sizing and Care

Need help on finding a size? This sizing guide is for approximate reference. For more accurate fitting go by height and weight measurements rather than age. Because every brand is different, we list "how it fits" and will suggest sizing up, down or true to size under each product listing. Taking cotton shrinkage into consideration, be sure to size up accordingly depending on your desired fit.

Please email us if you need help determining a size at

Age Size (Korean Size) US/EU Size Height (in.) Weight (lbs.)
0-6m 70 (XS) 0-6m 17-26 7-15
6-12m 80 (S) 6-12m 26-30 15-22
12-18m 90 (M) 12-18m 30-32 22-26
1-2 years XS (90) 2 T 32-35 26-29
2-3 years S (100) 3 T 35-39 29-31
3-4 years M (110) 4 T 39-41 31-37
5-6 years L (120) 5/6 Y 41-45 37-48
6-7 years XL (130) 7 Y 45-50 48-55
7-8 years XXL (140) 8 Y 50-53 55-66


General Care

To keep clothes looking and feeling their best, here are some tips on general care:

  • Hand or machine wash cold in gentle cycle
  • Wash clothing inside out with similar colors
  • Hang dry items whenever possible and avoid tumble dry to extend garment life and prevent shrinkage
  • Wash synthetic textiles like outerwear sparingly or spot clean whenever possible as overwashing can re-release microplastics into nature