Our Story

Hi! I'm Jenny (mama to Dylan, 6 years old) from the Bay Area living in Oakland, CA with a passion for (kids) fashion! Junior Scoop Shop is designed and curated to spark creativity and independence. As a mom, I'm always looking for quality unique pieces that go with just about anything that's easy for kids to not only be comfortable but confidently pick out an outfit and dress on their own.

Our collection offers minimal aesthetics, neutral or bold colors with unique prints, we feel there's something for everyone that is easy to clean and care for. Each piece can be mixed and matched with quality that can be passed along. We're ready to ship from the US. For questions and feedback, drop us a line at info@juniorscoopshop.com.

Thanks for being a part of our journey—be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook @juniorscoopshop. We hope to find a sweet spot in your community to see your little ones grow with us!

Giant junior scoops of love,

*Homepage photo credit: Oksana Bondar and Tatiana Syrikova